By aligning an awarded gastronomy with the recognized referential services in the market, Buffet França adds to its menus tradition and modernity based on the international cuisine. França Buffet also has a complete structure to serve the Judaic community, with Kosher material and cuisine, milk and meat, under the supervision of rabbi Goeslieb Begun.

Always in search for new textures and tastes, França Buffet is recognized for its gastronomy. Additionally we are continually in search for the best raw materials and fully dedicated to the harmony of details. This is Buffet França's cuisine proposal: excellence with innovation.

França Buffet became the owner of Brazil's best gastronomy in the catering sector, relying on exclusive and permanent advisory of great internationally renowned chefs, constant research trips to the world's leading gastronomic centers, a qualified and skilled team to provide excellent cuisine services.

Additionally, Buffet França has always kept the very high gastronomic quality and redefined the fine art of serving in the best possible terms, and became an important brand when it comes to the refined cuisine services. Nowadays, its service is known as “The França Service” which became a brand due to its efficiency. The title was given by clients themselves as they verified the high quality and security offered by us.

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