Founded in 1950, in the coastal city of São Vicente, by Nilson França, Buffet França shined through due to the excellent banquets it served – at the time of the foundation the name was not the current one; such name was given when the Caterer moved to the Capital City of São Paulo.

Its good fame for the great quality of its services was broadly spread, and soon a number of the most important families in the city of São Paulo began to request its services.

With an increasing frequency, Buffet França was climbing the mountain.

In 1970 Buffet França was established at Avenida Angélica, 750, in a mansion from São Paulo's historical coffee period under the protection of cultural heritage, and started its activities, preserving the same essence which is the reason why it is so requested.

In the subsequent years, Buffet França expanded and consolidated itself as the most requested and competitive Caterer of São Paulo, always keeping the very high gastronomic quality and redefining the fine art of serving, thus becoming a brand of refined cuisine services and excellence.