Mission , Vision and Values

Exceed the customers’ expectations in all moments, anticipating their needs and reaching maximum degree of satisfaction and perfection, thus establishing their loyalty, acknowledging the value of the brand and of people.

To be the best company in its segment in Brazil, with differentiated service, food and customer care, transmitting security and always seeking efficiency, quality and innovation.

- Having the customer as the focus of everything we do. - Acting pro-actively, with integrity, fairness, honesty and socio-environmental responsibility, innovating in all sectors. - Respecting and acknowledging the value of our collaborators and suppliers. - Allowing the development of our collaborators. - Proportioning a healthy, friendly and participative environment, creating true teamwork feeling.

Quality and Environmental Management Policy
Buffet França's Policy aims supplying products and services that exceed the customers' expectation, anticipating their needs and requirements, adhering to the following premises: - Focus on the customers. - Establishing of continuous improvement objectives and goals, aiming at constant effectiveness and efficiency of the Quality and Environmental Management System. - Definition of guidelines for pollution prevention, hygiene and cleaning. - Compliance with applicable Legal requirements. - Mitigation of significant environmental impacts, especially waste generation